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Few attorneys in Michigan understand the state’s new marijuana laws and what it means for entrepreneurs better than attorney Paul Tylenda.

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Solutions For A New Industry

Political turmoil and a rapidly changing marketplace mean entrepreneurs in Michigan need legal guidance that is up-to-date and adaptable. Located in Grosse Pointe Park, attorney Paul Tylenda of Tylenda PLLC provides comprehensive representation for investors and entrepreneurs interested in entering Michigan’s legal cannabis industry. With considerable experience in both the business and criminal laws regarding cannabis, Paul can help you get your business off the ground and help it thrive.

Five Star Reviews

“Mr. Tylenda is the best criminal defense attorney you can find in the tri-county area. He has helped not only me, but friends of mine, to keep their freedom from situations that were out of our control. I am a convict that was wrongfully accused and he fought to the fullest for me. I have full faith in Paul and will call him anytime I need a lawyer for the rest of my life. Paul, with all my heart, thank you.”


Experienced, Aggressive Criminal Defense

Paul Tylenda is also an experienced criminal defense attorney who has protected the rights and freedom of countless people throughout southeast Michigan. He has an extensive record of success at trial, where he has represented people facing serious charges that could have resulted in years in prison, financially ruinous penalties and the loss of professional licenses.

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